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Headquartered in Goa, India, CodeMax IT Solutions Private Limited flagged off its operations in 2016. Developing technology platforms for digital payments widely used in the banking and financial sector allowing users to transfer and withdraw funds seamlessly. CodeMax’s solutions are easily integrable, agile and most importantly dependable.
With site offices located in India and remote offices in global locations, their pipelines keep finance flowing, nonstop.
Clients are based in the heart of Europe and multiplying across continents.

What we offer

Secure Cutom Digital Solutions

FinTech Solutions

Building secure custom digital solutions to facilitate ease of transactions across your business functions, currencies and locations.

Server Security

Server Security

Leveraging our in-house expertise and process, to test and review applications, perform risk assessments, penetration testing and provide secure solutions.

FinTech Web Application

Web Application

Customized Web Applications built to the highest levels of security, privacy, usability, scalability, and compatibility across various platforms & devices for FinTech industry industries.

FinTech Consultancy


Cloud designing and consultancy, find the most effective way to manage your cloud needs including hosting, computing, file storage and various productivity options.

CodeMax IT Solutions Private Limited is a key solution provider to the financial industry across Europe.
Making an opening entry in the industries books in 2016 at its headquarters in Goa, it became the first fintech solutions provider in the region.
In a span of 2 years, the company accelerated to three times its team size. Allowing it to seamlessly integrate Security and legal compliances in customized deliveries.
Operations include development, financial tracking, legal compliance and regulation protocols. B2G, B2B, B2C and overseas financial transfers are some of the gateways the company builds pipelines for. Solutions built are suitable for merchant establishment, forex, institutional & retail banking and other related service providers. All handled through security protocols meeting the highest standards in the EU.
In 2020 we set sights on an expansion across the EU, UK, USA and the Oceanic region. It is on track to open offices in these locations.

Something about us

The Company

Fintech with Finesse!

Flexibility, Functionality, and Feasibility are the core pillars that we build up from.

Every project we undertake gets filtered through these lenses. We aren’t afraid to go back to the drawing board and re-engineer our products to meet our customer's requirements. If it doesn’t pass through these filters we don’t move ahead and we aren’t afraid to admit it upfront. We understand that ‘Yes’ is enough. It is our responsibility for us to deliver. A responsibility we don’t take lightly.

At CodeMax, our team is our strength. We strive to provide them with the right opportunities through various training programs and other work benefits. We do so because we believe that it is only when our employees know they are valued, that they will be enriched by being a part of our tribe.

Commitment to our clients, balanced with an empowered team and a process-driven approach to projects is a non-negotiable fundamental with us.

That’s our philosophy, our culture, our CODE. That is how we develop Fintech with Finesse!

Our philosophy

"The summit is what drives us, but the climb itself is what matters."
- Conrad Anker

​CodeMax has been a valuable partner in the growth of Scoders. They are responsive, consistent, and thoroughly competent. And are committed to the process of excellence.

Scoders Ltd

​CodeMax has a strong team of developers that are very well organized in terms of their work and delivery. They have been responsive and reliable partners throughout our engagement with them.


​The teams are committed to providing great value and amazing customer service. If you are looking for a development company in the FinTech space, CodeMax should be at the top of the list.

Moneynet Group

Trusted by our clients, proven by their words
Trusted Among Industry Leaders
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