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Empowering Secure Transactions Everywhere, Every Time.

"Checkz brings the future of transaction monitoring to you, ensuring unmatched safety and adaptability."
  • Cloud-based, scalable solutions: Utilize online transaction monitoring through cloud-based infrastructure, allowing seamless expansion as needed.

  • Customizable monitoring with dynamic rules: Tailor the online transaction monitoring process by setting flexible rules that adapt to changing patterns and scenarios.

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Dive into our features

Rule Codes

Harness the power of our predefined monitoring algorithms. Adapt them to your unique needs and ensure every transaction meets your criteria.

Transaction Types

Segment and categorize your transactions for refined analysis. Ensure that every transaction is compared within its designated group for unparalleled accuracy.

Accept List

Why manually approve repetitive, known safe transactions? With our Accept List, streamline your monitoring by  pre-approving specific criteria. Efficiency meets security.


Never second-guess your monitoring rules. Test them against past data, refine them, and ensure they're ready for the present and future.

Real-Time Monitoring

Experience real-time surveillance of every transaction. Our system never sleeps, ensuring that you catch every potential anomaly the moment it happens

Multi-System, Multi-User Configuration

Expand and diversify without losing sight. Manage multiple systems seamlessly and delegate with diverse user roles. From Admins to Read-Only users, control is in your hands.

Webhook Notifications

Never miss an update. Our webhook system notifies you immediately, ensuring you're always in the loop regarding transaction statuses.

Customizable Rule Names

Make it yours. Customize rule names to suit your organization's nomenclature, ensuring familiarity and easy adaptability for your team.

Wiki & Page Directory

Lost? Dive into our comprehensive guides. Whether it's system features or specific pages, our Wiki and Page Directory got you covered.

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