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Navigating Threats, Ensuring Safety.

"The only way to stay ahead of cyber threats is to assume you are already compromised."

Our customer-oriented approach makes the transformation journey easy to understand and facilitates quick adoption for our customers, enhancing overall effectiveness.

  • Assessment: Our team of professional experts evaluates customers' business requirements and capabilities against best practices in security operations.

  • Development and Design​: We cultivate talent, design processes, and implement technology to achieve business objectives, offering a practical roadmap aligned with industry best practices.

  • Onboarding: We help customers onboard to managed services by following best practices and proven procedures.

  • Continuous Improvement: Our skilled security professionals manage security operations with a focus on measurability, repeatability, and continuous improvement.

Our Approach

  • CodeMax IT Solutions Private Limited started cybersecurity services in 2018 along with other fintech solutions for customers in Europe, Israel, UK and US.

  • We have a pack of seasoned penetration testers who simulate attacker methodologies aided by  state-of-the-art vulnerability scanners. We help you find the vulnerabilities before a hacker does.

  • CodeMax is certified under ISO 27001:2013 and strictly implements optimal security measures, guaranteeing the safety of your data in our care.

  • We have a team of cyber warriors who analyze, identify and respond  to the attacks in realtime to your IT infrastructure.

  • We offer comprehensive security audits and recommend cost effective  security controls, lightening your financial load.

  • We have a team of niche developers who build secure web applications adhering to OWASP secure coding principles and other industry requirements such as privacy by design.​​​

Mavens in Cybersecurity Services

Areas We Focus On

Web Applications

IT Infrastructure
(On-premise & Cloud)

8x5 Security 


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